Made In Britain Hampton Botanics Cover With Handle Hot Water Bottle


This exclusive cover has been made to cover the Coronation 2 Litre Rib One side with handle rubber hot water bottle. The handle bottle is great for easy carrying and filling. The top of the cover has a easy to use velcro close and folds down for easy access to the bottle and handle for filling.

The cover has been made in our Loughborough sewing Room by Arvind Mistry founder of The Hot Water Bottle Shop.

 Arvind has designed this style of cover specifically for our Coronation handle style bottle and sewn it using techniques honed over his 40 years experience in manufacturing.

The attention to detail in the making of this piece can be seen in the perfect shape of cover and the soft, thick, snowy fleece lining on the inside of the cover.

This cover comes with our Coronation 2 litre rib one side with handle rubber bottle.

Feature: The top of the cover folds down and has an easy to use Velcro close.

Benefit: The top of the bottle can be exposed for easy filling. The Velcro close ensures the bottle is covered completely so no rubber is exposed.

 Feature: Lined with a thick soft fleece and filled with a Coronation rib one side hot water bottle.

Benefit: Keeps you warmer for longer.

Feature: Rib one side bottle with handle.

Benefit: The ribbed bottle combined with the fleece lining  will stay warmer for longer.


  • Please note rubber hot water bottles are no longer manufactured in the UK. 
  • British Standard: 1970:2012
  • Rubber bottle material: 55% Natural Rubber
  • Capacity: 2 Litres
  • Approx Dimensions: H38.5cm x W22cm
  • Approx weight: 500g
  • Guarantee: Rubber bottle holds a 3 year guarantee against manufacturing defects only.
  • Wash instructions: Rubber bottle: wipe clean with a damp cloth. Cover: Cool hand wash in a mild detergent.


The Hot Water Bottle Shop swing tag with filling instructions. It is advised that this swing tag is kept for future reference.

Safety In Use Advice:

1) DO NOT sit, lie on top of or put excess pressure on your hot water bottle.

2) Children should be supervised at all times when using a hot water bottle. For babies and children it is recommended that the hot water bottle is used to warm the bed and removed before the child gets in.

3) Elderly people, and those with sensitive skin or reduced feeling should use hot water bottles with care.

4) Hot water bottles can be dangerous and cause burns if they are not filled, cared for or used in the proper way. See our safety, care & filling advice page. Please follow the instructions given.

5) All our bottles are made with natural rubber, so please be careful if you have a latex allergy.


Replacement Advice:

It is advisable to replace your rubber bottle every 2 years to ensure that you are always using a bottle which is in good shape and safe.

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