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Fabien The Arctic Fox (With Microwavable Wheat & Lavender Pillow)

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Meet Fabien The Arctic Fox. Fabien comes with a removable wheat and lavender filled pillow in his tummy, which can be microwaved to provide hours of soothing warm hugs. At the back of the wheatie toy is a discreet velcro fastening from which the pillow can be accessed and removed for heating. Great for young children!

All items come with filling instructions attached and a care, safety and quality leaflet to be kept for future reference.

Removable wheat and lavender filled pouch.

Removable pillow is easier for microwaving. Microwaving the pillow only is also more hygienic than microwaving the complete toy.

Recommended Heating Times
Power Rating / Max Heating Time
650W / 1 minute
800W / 45 seconds
1000W / 30 seconds

Wheatie Toy Cover Details:
Toy Conforms To European Standard: EN 71
Toy Cover Material: Acrylic Fur / Polyester Lining
Dimensions: Approx H25cm x 17cm
Complete Toy Weight: Approx 450g

Removable Wheat Bag Details:
Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions: Approx 14cm x 18cm
Weight: Approx 250g
Wheat Weight: 240g
Lavender Weight: 10g