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A hot water bottle is a natural remedy that can help alleviate and soothe aches, pains and troubles that are a natural part of your journey through pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Pregnancy & Hot Water Bottles

Hot Water Bottles can aid relaxation and sleeplessness during pregnancy; relieve contractions, and lower back pain during labour, and can be useful in the months after birth. Below we've listed websites which provide more advice and information.


The Made For Mums and Bounty websites has advice on everything from conception through to toddlers. It also has great information on pain relief including how hot water bottles can help with backache right through to helping easier milk release.  

Also see this article from NETMUMS on how a hot water bottle can help with breast feeding.

Finally you can read our blog "Is it safe to use a hot water bottle while pregnant?"

Disclaimer: The Hot Water Bottle Shop has made every effort to ensure that the content of the sites listed here are suitable for the purpose of being educational, informative & supportive. Whilst every effort shall be made to regularly check the content of the websites listed for suitability, unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the content of 3rd party websites.