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It's not just an old wives tale...

Hot water bottles really do help ease period pains.

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Scientists have found that heat, such as holding a hot water bottle, on where the period pain is felt doesn't just provide comfort.

Period pain is caused by contractions in the uterus. The blood vessels in the muscle wall are compressed by the contractions, which cut off blood supply to the womb, starving it of oxygen and causing discomfort. Heat from a hot water bottle switches on heat receptors at the site of pain. These switched on heat receptors in turn block chemical messengers that cause pain to be detected by the body, much the same as painkillers work. Therefore, by placing a hot water bottle on the lower tummy area helps to ease period pains.                                    
Whilst we know hot water bottles are significantly proven to help relieve period pains, provide comfort and even give you that much needed cuddle, that's not always enough when you want to understand 'How? When? Why and What?!'. So, to help, we've listed some websites that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have. *



You will find a lot of answers on the BODYFORM My First Period pages whether you are waiting for your first period or going through menopause. Our favourite page is definitely Period Myths. This page clarifies those playground myths and old wives' tales such as "Don't wash your hair when you have your period" and the one we've all been worrying about "Women having their period are more likely to be attacked by bears & sharks."



HELLOFLO is an American based website that began by sending out 'time of the month' care packages so you had what you needed when you needed it! From when we first wrote about Hello Flo on The Hot Water Bottle Shop it has evolved into an online magazine with articles about every thing to do with periods, relationships, women's health - physical and mental - and more. But it's their original videos that westill absolutely LOVE! Camp Gyno & First Moon Party which we know you'll want to share with your friends!


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*The Hot Water Bottle Shop has made every effort to ensure that the content of the sites listed here are suitable for the purpose of being educational, informative & supportive. Whilst every effort shall be made to regularly check the content of the websites listed for suitability, unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the content of 3rd party websites.