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Coronation 2 Litre Rib One Sides Hot Water Bottle With Carry Handle


Handled hot water bottle for easy carrying and filling. The bottle ribs are edge to edge on one side only. Ribbed sides, prevent direct contact between the bottle and the skin. This helps to prevent contact burns which could occur from the plain surface side of the bottle. The ribs also provide more comfort during use. The bottle's high rubber content and one mould manufacturing process means the bottle is soft and smooth to touch.

Our Coronation bottles come in a clear bag with the Coronation logo on the front, along with manufacture's guarantee and the current British Standard 1970:2012. You can find instructions for filling on the reverse.

All items come with filling instructions attached and a care, safety and quality leaflet to be kept for future reference.

Please be aware that due to the high rubber content of our bottles, there is a non-toxic vanilla scent added to them. This scent will disappear with regular use. For more information please click here.

Please Note: Due to a change in the Coronation brand logo and manufacturing process some bottles may differ in appearance to the current image. These small changes DO NOT affect the quality of the product and are purely aesthetic.

Edge to edge ribbing, no flat surfaces on ribbed sides. Shoulder handle.

The ribs helps to prevent burns, provide more a comfortable user experience as well as retain heat. The handle makes the bottle easier to carry and fill, especially for those who struggle with grip.

British Standard: 1970:2012
Material: 55% Natural Rubber
Capacity: 2 Litres
Approx Dimensions: H37cm x W20cm
Approx weight: 420g
Guarantee: 3 year guarantee against manufacturing defects only.
Wash instructions: wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Colours (subject to availability): Violet Kashmir / Blue / Lilac Crocus / Red / Emerald Green