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Russet Fox Luxury Soft Faux Fur


Taking inspiration from the popular and exotic animal fur fashion styles, we have created this Luxury Soft Faux Fur, Russet Fox inspired covered bottle which is beautifully soft, luxurious and will keep you warm for hours on end this winter.

Our covered bottles come with our 2L The Hot Water Bottle Shop brand hwbs, in a clear bag, along with manufacture's guarantee and the current British Standard 1970:2012. You can find instructions for filling on the reverse.
  • The envelope flap design provides full cover for the rubber hot water bottle. 
  • Longer faux fur pile.

  • No part of the rubber bottle is exposed.
  • The flap can be easily folded back to expose the aperture for filling.
  • Hot water bottle retains it's heat for longer.

British Standard: 1970:2012
Rubber bottle material: 55% Natural Rubber
Cover material: Acrylic fur
Capacity: 2 Litres
Approx Dimensions: H37cm x W22cm
Approx weight: 480g
Guarantee: Rubber bottle holds a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects only.
Wash instructions: Rubber bottle: wipe clean with a damp cloth. Cover: Hand wash in a mild detergent.