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Body Warming Long Hot Water Bottle With Knitted Warming Red Winter Stags Cover - 2L


Our Body Warming Long Hot Water bottle is the perfect way to keep warm, cosy and relaxed on cold days. Place it from your shoulder to your hip to give comforting warmth, the entire length of your body. Alternatively, place it around your neck or across your tummy to relieve tension, aches & pains. A great gift for for someone you love! 

Hot water bottles can be used as a natural remedy to help soothe a variety of aches and pains and provide warming relief. All items come with filling instructions to be kept for future reference. For more information on how to fill, use and care for your hot water bottle please read our Hot Water Bottle Safety Information.

Open top

Easy to fill as the aperture for filling is exposed.

Longer length hot water bottle.

Great to warm, soothe and relax the whole body.

British Standard: 1970:2012 
Hot water bottle material:  55% Rubber
Cover material: Acrylic Yarn
Capacity: 2 litres 
Approx Dimensions:  Length 80 cm
Approx weight: 830 g
Guarantee: Rubber bottle holds a 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defects only.
Wash instructions: Rubber bottle: wipe clean with a damp cloth. Cover: Hand wash in a mild detergent.