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Using hot water bottles safely for babies and children

Posted on October 17 2016

Hot water bottles are a great way to keep the whole family cosy and snug on dark frosty nights however it is important that babies and children are kept safe when using one. 

Babies & children have more sensitive skin than adults and this means that they can burn easily even just by using a covered hot water bottle filled with hot water if you are not careful. When using a hot water bottle for babies and children always follow these guidelines:

1) Never ever allow your child to fill the hot water bottle

2) Do not fill the hot water bottle with water that is more than 40 degrees C

3) Always make sure the rubber hot water bottle has a cover and that none of the rubber bottle is exposed.

4) Always supervise children when they are using a hot water bottle.

5) Only use a hot water bottle to heat the bed, moses basket or cot and remove it before putting your baby or child to sleep.

6) For children and babies under 4 years old it is not advised that you allow them to hold or play with a hot water bottle. Only use a hot water bottle to heat the area where they will sit or sleep and remove it before they settle.

By following these guidelines you can keep your family safe when using a hot water bottle and keep them warm!





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