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The Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle Cover Renaissance

Posted on September 28 2020

The Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle Cover Renaissance

This year our collection of new faux fur hot water bottles covers can be described in one word: LUSH.


For the last few years the traditional and staple fur covered hot water bottle which was the first cover style Arvind Mistry created in the 1970's went 'out of fashion' in favour of knitted designs on which we could create images and embroider fashion slogans. Whilst these knitted designs are still in fashion and indeed we have a new range for this year, 2020 is the renaissance of the ever soft and tactile fur hot water bottle cover which I grew up with and which Dad [Arvind] still has boxes full of in his garage. See image below of me sitting on bright orange fur in 1983 with Arvind and Rama. You can see the edge of the hot water bottle cutting pattern [the same shape we use today] on the right side of the picture.

Orange Fur

One of our best selling cover's of the 1980's was the so called "curly fur" - it came in bright [and ghastly] white tipped colours including orange and turquoise... I've erased the other array colours from my memory!

This year we have recreated / updated this 'curly fur' style for 2020. Introducing our Soft Blush Faux Fur Sheep Skin... featuring the on trend Blush colour for 2020, no white tips and all the strokeably soft, warm comfort of our early generation of covers. 

Blush Sheepskin Covered Hot Water Bottle

Fur covers are great; they soothe, comfort, help relieve physical and mental stresses because of their tactility, and they keep your hot water bottle warmer for longer. Unlike other fur covered hot water bottles on the market we also include a rib one side rubber hot water bottle inside. The ribs on the hot water bottle also help to retain heat longer by trapping the hot air between the ribs. A standard plain sided hot water bottle cannot do this.

All our fur hot water bottles have the envelope flap design. The traditional intergrated flap [invented by Arvind... because Rama believed that the cover should be easily removable for washing!] removes the need for removing the whole cover to access and fill the hot water bottle and the need to handle a hot rubber bottle to put back inside the cover.

Our Faux Fur Collection also includes fur covered long hot water bottles. 

Faux Fur Covered Long Hot Water Bottle


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