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Our Top Picks For Winter 2021

Posted on August 20 2021

Our Top Picks For Winter 2021

With winter around the corner, and the prospect of frosty nights and frozen toes we'd like to introduce you to our hot water bottle top picks for 2021!

Our Winter '21 Top Pick!

Having spent the last 18 months glued to the computer screen on Zoom, in meetings, quiz nights, birthday parties etc with friends, family and work colleagues we got inspired to design our "YOU'RE ON MUTE" small hot water bottle - so you can keep warm while letting that person who's talking away know that you can't hear them! After all, Zoom is here to stay...

You're On Mute, Small 750ml, £8.99 Click To Pre-Order Now!


Our Top 5 Gift Picks for Winter '21

1. Our on-trend knitted styles Nordic Winter and NEW White Winter Robin, 

Our knitted styles make the perfect gift for loved ones. Let our Nordic Winter, 1.7L hot water bottle keep a love one warm. Help melt away their frosty toes as they snuggle up with our hot water bottle and dream of cosy, glowing winter log cabins surrounded by snow, and clear frosty evenings.

Our White Winter Robin, 1.7L hwb is an update on our ever popular Winter Robin. With a sparkly silver lurex running through the christmassy red on a snowy white background this is definitely the Winter '21 gift for all ages, and a good "Secret Santa" gift.
2. Our soft and cosy faux fur styles
Ok, so we always have a hard time choosing which fur style hot water bottle we like the best. Fur is so traditional and tactile and you can loose yourself sitting on the sofa holding and stroking these luscious hot water bottle beings. But what always gets me reaching for a fur covered hot water bottle on coldest of coldest nights is the fact that in the morning, when you wake up it will still be slightly warm - IF you've not kicked it out from under the covers!

2. Body Warming Long Hot Water Bottle With Soft Snow Leopard Faux Fur Cover, 2L, £20.00 Click To Buy Now

To shop ALL our Fur Style hot water bottles CLICK HERE

3. Our Children's Long Hot Water Bottle Collection

Our Children's Long Hot Water Bottle characters are inspired by our best selling classic collection of 3D hot water bottles and the fashion led long hot water bottle trend. This gift is perfect to keep your little one warm. This is the perfect gift to give to grandchildren, nephews, nieces and as a winter birthday present.

We LOVE these hot water bottles because unlike other long hot water bottles in the market for children these are just the right height and weight when filled for cuddling! Being able to create the perfect product really matters to us which is why when we were developing this product we did researched into the perfect length for our Children's long hot water bottle collection. Each character is 70cm tall and comes with a 56cm rubber hot water bottle which conforms to BS 1970:2012. 

To Shop The Children's Long Hot Water Bottle Collection Click Here

4. Our Microwaveable Heaties Collection

Our Heaties are just so popular with all ages and that's why we're including them in our Top 5 Gift Picks For '21. Every year customers who have bought our Heaties like to keep us up to date on how their Heaties are doing! You can follow their adventures over on our instagram page @thehotwaterbottleshop. This year one of our favourites, Dexter has been much luckier that a lot of us... he's had fun with friends in Las Vegas, and caught some rays in Hawaii! 

To Shop The Children's Heaties Collection Click Here

5. Our Luxury Gifts Made in Britain 

Britain was once at the helm in the manufacture of rubber hot water bottles.  Unfortunately 20 years ago the last manufacturer of rubber hot water bottles in the UK closed it doors, and manufacturing was pushed out to the Far East and Asia where it remains today. Although we can't manufacture the rubber bottles in the UK, here at The Hot Water Bottle Shop we have taken our skills in manufacturing the hot water bottle covers and created our Luxury Made In Britain Collection using are prints and including the finest cottons from Liberty and pairing them HARRIS TWEED. These hot water bottles are the perfect gift for some one very special.

To Shop The Luxury Gifts Made in Britain Collection Click Here





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