Our Recommended Christmas Stocking Fillers

Posted on October 26 2015

christmas stockings

With only 60 sleeps til Christmas you've probably started thinking about what gifts to buy for your family and loved ones. Here at The Hot Water Bottle Shop we know that hot water bottles make great gifts and so we're giving you our top hot water bottle stocking filler recommendations for this Christmas.

New Born to Age 6.

Tohe hot water bottle shop hot water bottle stuffed toy collection

For the youngest members of your family we recommend one of our Kuddli Friend Wheaties. These adorable cuddly characters come with a removeable wheat and lavender pouch in their tummy which can be heated in the microwave. The lavender helps to soothe and calm young children helping them dift off to sleep. The great thing is that you don't need to worry about your little ones playing with the toy while it is warm. 
Price: £14.99
The Hot Water Bottle Shop Children's Collection 2015


This year for your little 'uns we've introduced a smaller 1 litre sized hot water bottle in stylish stripey knitted covers with a bright yellow star. They are the perfect size for little people and a great stocking filler.

Price: £8.99

The Girls

#1 - The Teenage Years - For those days they would rather forget...

the hot water bottle shop huggler collection

This year we launched the Huggler and this is now one of year round best sellers! This smaller 1 litre sized hot water bottle is beautifully packaged and a thoughtful gift which can be used all year round, particularly on those days that as girls we'd all rather forget. The small size helps to provide more targeted pain relief and can be discreetly held under a jumper. This is an absolutely fabulous stocking filler and is a guaranteed winner!
Price: £11.99
#2 - For keeping them warm - Bed socks, Hot chocolate & Hot water bottles
The Hot Water Bottle Shop Ladie's Collection 2015
For keeping your girls warm we recommend our stylish knitted collection of hot water bottles. A great gift for secret Santa and girlfriends! 
Price: £11.99
The Boys
The Hot Water Bottle Shop Men's Collection 2015
We totally understand that boys don't get cold but we guarantee they'll love receiving one of these knitted hot water bottles in their Christmas stocking...
Price: £11.99
Recommended for Mums
The Hot Water Bottle Shop Luxury Faux Fur Collection

Spoil mum this Christmas with one of our Luxury Faux Fur hot water bottles. The longer softer fur is so huggable and is sure to help mum relax whilst she puts her feet up and enjoys that lovely cup of tea you made for her!

Price: £20.00

For Granny & Grandad

The Hot Water Bottle Shop Vintage Floral and Heritage Tartan Collections

For granny and grandad our recommendation is to go for the classic cotton quilted covered hot water bottles.
With floral prints being on trend this season our Vintage Floral collection of covers gives you enough choice to get granny something she'll love. 
Price: £10.99

For Grandad our classic heritage tartan covers are a must have!

Price: £12.99

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