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Make Someone Feel Special With Our Buy One Get One Free Offer!

Posted on December 06 2020

Make Someone Feel Special With Our Buy One Get One Free Offer!

2020 has been an "anomaly" shall we say. I know customers are getting fed up of the rhetoric "XYZ... [all] due to Covid". And trust me we are tired of telling it, and trust me it's not an excuse [for us anyway!] 2020 has required patience by everyone, on every front; patience through lockdowns, patience just sitting around, patience standing in lines to get into supermarkets, patience with the the husband, wife, kids, pets, patience in just waiting for something resembling normal, patience of time...

2020 has been filled with too much tragedy and heartbreak, but I still feel there is a lot of good that has come out of the forced situation. Many of us have learnt the value of people, having people around us, whether it is those you love, your neighbour, that person you haven't spoken to years, the person who smiled and said "hello" on your 1000th "Boris Walk", the key workers who have kept our worlds moving and been there for us in the harshest of times; there are many more I am certain.

Here at The Hot water Bottle Shop we want to help you bring a little happiness to those who have been part of your lives through this difficult year with our Buy One Get One Free Offer across the store. At a time where the smallest of gestures are greeted with the utmost gratitude we want to help you make someone feel special this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


The Hot Water Bottle Shop x

Terms & Conditions For The BUY ONE GET ONE FREE OFFER: Cheapest item is free. Discount automatically added at checkout. Maximum 5 uses per order. Excludes Made In Britain Collection. Free UK Delivery on orders over £20.



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