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Long Hot Water Bottle Product Review

Posted on November 14 2017

The Hot Water Bottle Shop has added yet another fantastic addition to its already stellar collection of products with its new body-warming long hot water bottles. Measuring 80cm in length, the long hot water bottle is ideal for applying a soothing warmth on those hard-to-reach aches and pains. The durable shape of this hot water bottle means it can be wrapped around the neck, shoulders and back to relax parts of your body in need of a bit of TLC, especially with the wintry weather on its way!

Offering a contemporary twist on a classic design, the exterior jacket of The Hot Water Bottle Shop's long hot water bottles is made from soft fabric that will blend in perfectly with your warm bedsheets. The product is available in three different colours; grey, blue and plum.

With each different colour comes a different design. The grey jacket uses a ribbed-style cross stitch that feels amazing to run your hands across, whilst the blue option is made using a uniform square stitch from top to bottom. The plum jacket is the most artistic looking of the three, utilizing a decorative pattern design which maintains the retro feel of a product that has stood the test of time for over 100 years.

The interior bottle is made of high-quality PVC plastic which meets all industry standards, meaning you can rest assured the bottle won't rupture or split no matter how much you roll about on it whilst asleep!

As mentioned, the long length of this product makes it a cosy companion that can reach parts of the body you wouldn't be able to get at with the classic rectangular design of the standard hot water bottle. Many use long hot water bottles to apply instant satisfaction to the whole of the spine at once, or wrap it around the neck or shoulders to relieve aches and muscle tension. The experience of having the homely warmth of a hot water bottle along your whole body really is something you have to try; you'll probably wonder afterwards why they aren't as widely used as the classic design!

Overall the long hot water bottle scores very highly. Its long length, increased versatility and range of different colours and designs will make it a new favourite among many hot water bottle enthusiasts looking for the perfect stocking filler this Christmas. What's more, The Hot Water Bottle Shop's long water bottle is available at the bargain price of only £24.99. If you love hot water bottles then it's definitely one to add to your collection!

Considering a long hot water bottle? Why not browse The Hot Water Bottle Shop’s store for yourself and pick out the perfect stocking filler?


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