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Is It Safe To Use a Hot Water Bottle While Pregnant?

Posted on October 23 2015

 "Is it safe to use a hot water bottle while pregnant?" This is a question asked all over the internet by mummys-to-be. When we launched this new site, my idea was to give advice on how hot water bottles can be used safely for all types of aches and pains including during pregnancy, labour and beyond. Having never been pregnant myself, at the time we launched the site we advised using hot water bottles during pregnancy, labour and post natally by directing you to well researched and recommended sites which give great advice and information. This information can be found on our page Hot Water Bottles & Pregnancy. 

I'm now a mummy-to-be :) At 27 weeks pregnant I'm approaching my 3rd trimester, with an ever growing bump, achy hips and lower back and interrupted nights of sleep, I've instinctively reached for my hot water bottle to soothe away the achiness and provide that comfort only a rubber bottle filled with hot water can.
Indeed, hot water bottles may be my expertise, having been born into a family business that's been manufacturing hot water bottle covers since before I was a twinkle in my daddy's eye, nonetheless it didn't stop me asking my midwife if a hot water bottle was safe to use and not appeased with the "yes" I ended up googling that question asked many thousands of times by many thousands of mums-to be: "Is it safe to use a hot water bottle while pregnant?". 

Sure enough, I've followed the advice we give for using hot water bottles safetly: checking it for wear and damage before each use, not filling it with boiling water, but with water that is at a temperature comfortable to my own personal sensititvity, not over filling it, not sitting on it or applying pressure etc, etc. However with the reality that I'm carrying my very own tiny little human being inside I wanted to make sure using a hot water bottle was safe. And guess what... since I last checked it really, still is :)

"Your baby is incredibly well protected in the womb. The womb muscles are exceptionally strong (and in fact only found in women) and are designed to provide your baby with a safe environment in ​which to grow.

“You’d be amazed at how much protection you baby has inside your tummy, and there are several ‘layers’ between the hot water bottle and baby, so he won’t be affected. Pains, aches and cramps in your belly while you're pregnant are normal but can be really painful. Using the heat from a hot water bottle is actually a really good way of encouraging your muscles to relax."

So I will keep using my Huggler safe in the knowledge that baby is going to be absolutley fine when mummy uses a hot water bottle to get a little pain relief and relaxation!

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