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Using hot water bottles with babies and children

Posted on October 20 2016

With a wide selection of hot water bottles available on the market for babies and children  we are often asked if it is ok for babies and children to use them. 

Yes - Hot water bottles are a great way to to keep your little ones toasty, but remember they are not a toy and children should not use one unsupervised.

Hot water bottles are great to keep babies snuggly and warm -  I became a first time mummy at the end of January this year, just as the coldest, bleakest weather set in. A newborn wants nothing more than to feel warm and cosy, after all they've just spent 9 months in mummy's tummy which is a constant toasty 37 degrees C! A hot water bottle is the perfect tool to warm up their moses basket or cot before you put them down. Always remove the hot water water bottle before putting your baby down.

Hot water bottles are great to help settle and relax children after a bath and before bedtime - snuggling up with mummy or daddy and a hot water bottle to read a bed time story is the perfect way to relax and keep your child warm before bed. The soothing warmth will help them go to sleep easily. Always remove the hot water bottle before putting your child to sleep.

When choosing a hot water bottle for your child always make sure you shop for a safe hot water bottle: read our guide to shopping for safe hot water bottles. Also check out our guide to using hot water bottles safely for babies and children.

If you are looking for a children's hot water bottle check out our range here.



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