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The legend behind our Christmas robin hot water bottles

Posted on October 31 2016

This year we're feeling particularly Christmassy at The Hot Water Bottle Shop HQ as we've got cheerful little Christmas robins flying about all over our hot water bottle covers.  The legend of the red breasted robin is a great story to get the whole family in the mood for Christmas and there isn't a better bird to warm your toes and your hearts at winter time.

To celebrate this little Christmas bird, this year we've got something in Robin for the whole family.

Made in Britain robin hot water bottle coverWe've sewn a collection of beautiful 100% cotton robin covers here in our Loughborough workshop. The covers come with our traditional 2L Coronation rubber hot water bottles. There are only a limited number of these covers which come in a two styles: the traditional envelope cover or the cover for a hot water bottle with handle. These are a perfect gift for granny or grandad this Christmas. SHOP HERE.

robin hot water bottle cover

This year in our knitted collection we've got a gorgeous cosy cover with a robin on the front . This 1.7L hot water bottle is a great stocking filler and is guaranteed to keep toes toasty and warm. SHOP HERE.

Kuddli Friends robin hot water bottle cover

Finally, (and we're not biased at all!) but this year Rudi Robin is the star of our Kuddli Friends Collection. This fluffy, cuddly bird with its bright red chest is the perfect companion to keep your children cosy this winter and the story of how this fluffy little brown bird got its bright red chest will keep your little ones warm and snug.... SHOP HERE.

The night when baby Jesus was born was so cold and chilly that Mary was unable to keep her baby warm in the stable. The wind blew constantly into the stable and the fire was about to go off. Mary was worried and asked the animals in her stable for help. First she asked the ox to blow on the embers so that the fire continues. But the ox was fast asleep and couldn't hear Mary's cry for help. Next, she asked the donkey, horse and the sheep, but in vain. Mary had lost hope, but she was surprised when she heard the continuous flapping of a bird's wings. The little bird was plain and brown.  Seeing Mary's helplessness, he decided to help her keep the stable warm. So, he flapped his wings rigorously at the dying embers and fetched some dry sticks for the fire. This stopped the fire from going off completely but the flame that rose suddenly, burnt the little bird's breast and turned it red. Despite getting hurt, the bird continued his efforts to keep the fire going, just to keep the stable warm for baby Jesus. Mary was so moved by the kind gesture of this little bird that she blessed the bird in the morning, saying that "From now on, let your red breast be a reminder of your good deed".



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