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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Hot Water Bottles

Posted on November 02 2020

Frequently Asked Questions: Hot Water Bottles

As the cold weather inevitably draws in, the leaves change colour and fall from the tress and the evenings grow darker and misty we get lots of queries from people about filling, using and caring for their hot water bottle. So we thought we'd take the opportunity, at the beginning of hot water bottle season, to answer some questions that we get time and time again.

The most popular questions about FILLING your hot water bottle

1. Why can't I fill my hot water bottle with boiling water?

The REASON why you should not fill your hot water bottle with boiling water: Filling your hot water bottle with water that has just come off the boil is very dangerous as the water will continue to heat [bubble] even after the kettle has 'clicked' off. Trying to fill your hot water bottle when the water is still boiling may cause serious burn injuries as the water will 'splash back' as you attempt to fill your hot water bottle.

THWBS ADVICE:                                                                                                  Once your water has boiled allow your kettle to stand for at least 5 minutes before filling your hot water bottle.   

2. Why can't I fill my hot water bottle from a domestic tap?

The REASON why you SHOULD NOT fill your hot water bottle with water from a domestic tap: Water in different areas of the country [and the rest of the world] have different properties which may cause deposits in your hot water bottle and lead to its "premature degrading". Basically, the scale you see in your kettle and the limescale you see around your taps builds up in your hot water bottle is could cause it to become brittle and this could result in a leaky bottle or even worse a burst bottle. Boiling water, before using it your hot water bottle removes the harsh properties [deposited as scale in your kettle] and helps to keep your hot water bottle in good condition.

3. The bottle says 2 litres, why do the filling instructions say only fill it 2/3rds full? 

The REASON why you should only fill your hot water bottle 2/3rds full: It is very important that your hot water bottle is not over inflated with either water or air. By filling up your hot water bottle completely, it does not allow the water to move freely and causes pressure on the hot water bottle. If pressure is then applied when you are using it - like a balloon it could "POP!" causing serious injury. Hence the British Standard Instructions advise to only fill 2/3rds fill. Likewise, if you do not expel the air from your hot water bottle, it could also "POP" while in use. 

The most popular questions about USING your hot water bottle

1. THE product packaging states that "For your safety it is recommended that you do not fill this hot water bottle with water that is above 40℃." That's not hot enough for me.

The reason for this safety warning: Hot water bottles can be dangerous especially if you do not follow the guidance on safe use. We have added the above recommended precaution because people with sensitive skin, in particular the elderly and young children, should not use a hot water bottle with extremely hot water. A hot water bottle, even one used with a cover can cause burns if the water is too hot.

Whilst our hot water bottles are designed to hold hot water we cannot advise on  the optimal temperature of a hot water bottle for an individual. What we can tell you is that when using a hot water bottle it should feel 'nice' not annoying. It can be hot, but it must NOT BURN. 

3. Do I really need to use a cover with my hot water bottle?

YES! Using a cover can help to prevent burns, it also provides insulation for your rubber bottle, helping it to stay warmer for longer. Finally, a cover is much more soothing and relaxing to snuggle down with than an uncovered rubber bottle!

The most popular questions about CARING for your hot water bottle.

3) Why can't I store my hot water bottle in the airing cupboard?

The reason for this care advice: The British Standard instructions state: that a hot water bottle should be kept "in a cool, dry, dark place. [and to]Prevent exposure to sunlight. An airing cupboard, is a dry and dark place however the warm temperatures from any boiler or water tank will adversely affect the bottle and therefore could overtime make it unsafe to use.

If you have any other questions about your hot water bottle please get in touch 





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