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Duvet Days & the Huggler

Posted on November 07 2014

We're not going to explain the obvious, but we all know that as girls there are days when all we want to do is hide away under the duvet... better known as Duvet Days. And on these "Duvet Days" there's no companion better than a hot water bottle. 
And that's why we've created the Huggler TM, a hot water bottle to healp ease away the pain.
The Huggler, is a 1.5 litre hot water bottle which comes wrapped in a cosy cable knitted cover. It's the perfect size to help ease away period pains, when placed on the lower tummy area. 
Available in Bright Pink, Bright Lavender and Light Buttermilk. Price £11.99. Shop here.the hot water bottle shop huggler


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