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Bath Tub Shapes - Recycling your old hot water bottle

Posted on November 19 2018

As the UK becomes ever more conscious of unnecessary waste, here at The Hot Water Bottle Shop the team have been looking at ways to recycle old hot water bottles....

Whilst we have found that you can recycle an old hot water bottle into [really cool] fashion accessories such as handbags, iPad covers, and stoppers made into dangly earrings, the best idea we came across was Bath Tub Shapes and these have been an absolute hit with the toddler AND the baby! They are so tactile the toddler and the baby have even loved playing with them outside bath time!

Bath tub shapes made out of old hot water bottles are a lot of fun because they are bright and colourful, they have different textures and when wet they stick to the walls.

This is also a great little stocking filler and you could even make letters and jigsaw pieces to play with.

How to make an old hot water bottle into bath tub shapes:

Step 1: You will need: 

- an old hot water bottle

- some paper shapes to trace onto the old hot water bottle - these can be easily printed from the internet or you can create your own.

- a marker

- scissors 

old hot water bottle bath tub shapes

Step 2: Cut out the paper shapes.


Step 3: Cut your old hot water bottle into 2 halves. to make this easier cut away the top and the bottom first.

Step 4: Arrange your paper cutout shapes on the old hot water bottle and trace around them.

Step 5: Cut out your shape from the old hot water bottle. Wash them in warm soapy  water.

 Step 6: Give them to the kids and let them have fun!


 If you've got any other ideas as to how to recycle your old hot water bottle we'd love to know! Contact us at hugme@thehotwaterbottleshop.com





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