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Are you ready for the Arctic Plunge?

Posted on November 20 2015

writing in the snow

So far October and November have given us rains, winds and glorious autumnal sunshine. And whilst the trees have turned colour and shed their leaves , and the threat of an icy blast has so far appeared to be merely scaremongering, it seems that the promised artic plunge will be with us from today - if only for a few days!

Driving to work this morning, the cars' outside temperature read 6.5 degrees C and there was a definate chill in the air so I thought I'd take a look at the forecasts.  All I can say is the temperature is dropping....tonight we're looking at 0 degrees C and over the weekend we're looking at night temperatures as cold as -3 (in the Midlands at least).  Such temperatures can mean only one thing... the hot water bottles will be coming out! Yes that is meant to read "bottles" pural!

With a warehouse full of hot water bottles I'm lucky enough to have a selection of hot water bottles for "different uses". When its a (freezing) cold evening I'll snuggle up on the sofa with a knitted covered hot water bottle, like a cat infront of a fireplace (but I don't have a fireplace!). In bed I toast my toes on a tartan quilted cotton coverd hot water bottle and snuggle with a luxury fur under my arm (I'm a side sleeper). Unlike my husband I love the cold because there is nothing more cosy than crisp dark nights, duvets and hot water bottles! 


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