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Launching Our 2015 Summer Collection

Posted on April 02 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that here in the UK hot water bottles can be found in their millions from October to February. After that you'll be seraching for a needle in a haystack. Why is this?

Here in the UK hot water bottles are marketed as a "keep me warm" item. So the fact that they are available during the UK's coldest months is no surprise. However, at The Hot Water Bottle Shop we understand that hot water bottles have much greater uses that just keeping tippy toes warm.

That is why we launched the Huggler in 2014 - the perfect sized bottle to help ease period pains. Whilst 'Old Wives' have known for generations that applying heat to the tummy area can help relieve pain cause by periods, there is now scientific evidence which states that the good old hot water bottle is as good a cure as any.
So hot water bottles are effective for keeping you warm and helping to relieve period pains, but what else can they do? They can be used:
  • As a natural remedy to aid digestion, sleeplessness, relaxation, genaral aches and pains and even IBS;
  • As an aid to sports injury recovery; and 
  • During pregnancy, labour and even afterwards to help with breastfeeding.

So hot water bottels CAN be used all year round and to celebrate this for the first time EVER in the history of hot water bottle manufacturing we will be launching a Summer Collection! A limited number of summer styled hot water bottle covers made from 100% cotton will be made by Arvind here in Loughborough and sold through our website only. Each cover will be unique, and becasue Arvind is making each one himself there'll be nearly 40 years worth of expertise sewn into each and everyone of the covers made!

The Hot Water Bottle Shop Hand made in Britain 2015 range


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